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Your Offer & Payment

How Do I Get My Offer?

You will receive an email notification that your items have arrived with us.
Our expert valuers will then carefully appraise your items.

Within 48HRS of your parcel arriving with us you will receive a phone call or email (depending on your chosen communication method) with a cash offer.

How Do I Accept My Offer?

If you received your offer via email you will be asked to reply to that email with the words


If we call you with an offer we take your verbal acceptance as agreement to the offer we have given.
All calls are recorded for a record of your acceptance.

Or, if you don’t accept your offer you can ask for everything to be returned to you free of charge.

How Do I Get My Payment?

As soon as you agree to the offer we can make a same day bank transfer which in most cases should arrive in your bank within 24hrs (this time may vary depending on your bank, weekends & bank holidays).

If you asked to be paid by cheque it will take 2-3 days for the cheque to arrive & 3-5 days for it to clear in your account (this time may vary depending on your bank, weekends & bank holidays).

We will do our best to get the cash to you as quick as possible.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

This service is designed to be 100% free at NO COST to you, the whole process will not cost you a penny even if you want your items back.

Over 4 Million pounds paid out to thousands of happy customers for their unwanted items

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Customer Guarantee

Established 2012

There is NO OBLIGATION to sell your items, if you are not happy with the price we offer we will send your items back 100% FREE of charge.

We will call or email you first with an offer rather than just sending you a payment.

We promise to make a fair & honest offer.

We will never sell or pass on your details to anyone else.

We will appraise your items carefully to make sure we don’t miss anything.

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