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How To Pack Your Parcel

Step 1

Choose A Box

The box will need to be big enough for your items to fit into with a generous gap all the way around. Use high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes.

They can be single, double or triple walled. We recommend double or triple walled for fragile or heavy (10kg+) items.

Step 2

Wrap your items in a protective material (such as bubble wrap or newspaper) and place them into the box with packing material (such as loose fill) all the way around so as to stop your items from moving around in the box. This also applies if you are using the Royal Mail special delivery silver mailer bag.Make sure your items won’t shift inside the box or bag during transportation (you can always use some more bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or crumpled paper to provide extra cushioning).

Secure The Bubble Wrap Tightly In Place

Bubble wrap absorbs shock very well and provides reliable protection in case an item is dropped or other articles shift and slam against it. To ensure the efficiency of the air-filled material, however, you need to make sure it will stay securely in place throughout the entire delivery process. So, when packing with bubble wrap, do not simply attach some tape along the ends – the wrapped item may easily slip out during the transportation. Secure the packaging with tape on all sides instead to eliminate any chances of slipping

When wrapping with bubble wrap, have in mind that a single layer serves just as a surface protective coating. It is advisable to use multiple layers in order to provide efficient shock and vibration isolation (especially for very valuable or extremely fragile items). Don’t forget to secure each and every layer with packing tape on all sides.

TOP TIP – It is a good idea to close the top of the box and shake it a bit before sealing the box – if the items inside are moving, you need to add more padding for maximum protection.

Step 3

Close up the box and seal along any edges with parcel tape (you can never use too much).

The Royal Mail special delivery silver mailer bags have a self sealing strip but you can use packing tape to secure even more.

Step 4

If you have used a box please attach the self adhesive Pre Paid Parcel Force label to the top of the box.

You do not need to add any address or details this is all done for you & fully pre-paid.

If you use the Royal Mail special delivery silver bag its all ready to go, nothing else required & fully pre-paid.

You are now ready to take your box or bag to a Royal Mail post office.

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